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    A gun kept in the home for self-defense is 6 times MORE LIKELY to be used to kill a relative or a friend than it is to be used against a burglar or unlawful intruder.

    Over 100 CHILDREN ages 1-19 die annually from accidental misuse of firearms.
    [1.7 million children live in homes with loaded and unlocked guns]

    The shooting in Sandy Hook/Newtown is not the first time our children have been targets. Children have also been shot in movie theaters, in their homes, and trick-or-treating:
  • Mass shootings since 1980 include:

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    • Stockton, CA. 1989 - 5 children dead and 33 wounded on an elementary school playground

    • Olivehurst, CA. 1992 - 3 children dead and over 20 taken hostage at Lindhurst High School

    • Littleton, CO. 1999 -12 children killed, dozens wounded at Columbine High School

    • Nickel Mines, PA. 2006 - 5 children killed and 7 injured in an Amish girls’ school
  • Americas murder rate is:

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    2 times that of Canada
    3 times that of the United Kingdom
    4 times that of Australia
    5 times that of Spain
    10 times that of Iceland and Japan

    Countries with homicide rates similar to the U.S. include:
    Niger, Palestine, Turkmenistan, and Yemen.
  • America has more guns any other country:

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    There are 88.8 privately owned guns per 100 Americans.

    Countries with the next highest firearm ownership percentages are:
    Serbia (58.2 per 100 population) and Yemen (54.2 per 100 population).
  • Many gun are not accounted for:

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    In 2010, firearms manufacturers and dealers reported over 25,000 guns as lost or stolen, up 30% from the previous year.
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